I'm a girl from Sweden.
I love One tree hill and I want to share my pictures, quotes etc with you. Have a good time!

The bass player’s pretty cool


”Besides, it’s Thanksgiving. And we have a ton to be thankful for. Not Victoria ,obviously, but a lot of other things. Like that carving knife. If Victoria were here, I would be super thankful for it”. 


Top 10 Nathan Scenes → #10 7x17 At The Bottom of Everything

Lydia: You’re taking good care of my daughter. I remember the day you came to ask our permission to marry her. You were so nervous, but I looked into your eyes, and I just knew. 

Nathan: What did you know?

Lydia: That you were going to change my daughter’s life, and I was right. 


Peyton Sawyer

↳ Season 4


You’re so perfect that it hurts me: 18/

Today is a new day. Filled with promise and wonder. Embrace it!’ Shantel VanSanten.

"What the hell are you doing? Sneaking up on a girl is so not cool!"